O U R   P R A C T I C E                     

Experience. Welcome to the SoCal Dispute Resolution Center. We have the proven knowledge, experience and motivation to settle your dispute.

Innovation. We have expertise in a wide variety of practice areas, having represented all sides of a dispute, from Fortune 500 companies to individuals, both as plaintiffs and defendants.

We have worked at world-wide, medium and small law firms, as in-house counsel and externed with judges. Read More.

We have also received extensive training in dispute resolution, negotiation and human behavior. Allow us to use our experience to assist you with your dispute.

Results. Whether you have a dispute that has yet to result in litigation or is on the verge of trial, we can help you. Contact Us for a free consultation.

We offer a variety of dispute resolution services to assist you, including arbitration, mediation, training and settlement facilitation. Read More.

  C O N T A C T   U S   T O D A Y       

We would be honored to listen to your situation and offer our advice, whether you retain us or not.

Please feel free to contact us today and arrange for a free consultation to discuss how we can be of service to you.

If you are interested in mediating your dispute but you believe the other side is reluctant, we would be happy to contact them with your permission and speak to them about the potential benefits of mediating the dispute.

  D R C   D I S P U T E   R E S O L U T I O N   N E W S                                          

Prominent nationwide bank selects Reed Hamzeh to mediate numerous disputes pertaining to real estate litigation, including mortgage default litigation, title disputes, bankruptcy and foreclosure actions with SoCal DRC already settling the first two matters provided to them. SoCal DRC settles first two mediations brought to them and looks forward to settling more. Read More

SoCal DRC settles a four vehicle chain reaction rear-end traffic collision involving subrogation claims by two of the largest insurance companies against the at fault driver whos insurance policy limits exceeded the damages. The case had already been through an unsuccessfully mediation. Read More

SoCal DRC settles two separate actions brought by a bank against borrower that defaulted on mortgage loans that had a second liens on a home that had already been foreclosed upon and sold by the first lien holder. The lender acquired and was assigned the rights to the refinanced loan in a bundle purchase from the original lender. The cases involved numerous complex issues including statute of limitation arguments, liability and damages issues. Read More

SoCal DRC settles an action brought by a buyer against prominent worldwide bank to quiet title and seeking declaratory relief that a home she purchased at a trustee sale (foreclosure sale) was owned free and clear. The bank alleged that the previous seller had a line of credit loan which was not closed and continued to be used after a refinancing occurred which allegedly sought to close the line of credit. Read More

SoCal Dispute Resolution Center settles an personal injury action brought by a plaintiff against the City of Los Angeles when plaintiff moved to avoid a falling tree branch which resulted in him hitting a light pole and suffering injuries. The City denied liability and the extent of the medical bills resulting in the parties being several thousand dollars apart in trying to settle the matter.

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  R E C E N T   C L I E N T   T E S T I M O N I A L S                                                

"Reed Hamzeh is a natural. His breadth of experience, empathy, sensitivity and intelligence combine to make him an outstanding mediator."
-- Kenneth Cloke, Center for Dispute Resolution

"Mr. Hamzeh served as our mediator in a complex matter involving several parties and claims, including a wrongful death claim, and millions of dollars at stake. The parties were on the verge of trial and had failed to settle the case with another mediator. Mr. Hamzeh was able to quickly understand the critical facts involved and the parties' concerns.

He did not hesitate to point out the weaknesses and strengths of the case to both parties and worked with us to reach a settlement within a few hours. Mr. Hamzeh has the expertise, experience and commitment necessary to assist parties reach a fair settlement. I highly recommend Mr. Hamzeh."
-- Juan Torres, Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP

"I don't know how you got the Defendant to become realistic and more than double their offer. Needless to say we appreciated your efforts to bring both sides to a fair and realistic settlement. I will be happy to serve as a reference for you, use your services I the future and recommend you to other attorneys." Read More. -- Harold Blaisch

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  W H A T   I S   D I S P U T E   M E D I A T I O N ?                                     

Mediation is a process in which a neutral person, the mediator, helps the disputing parties communicate and promote reconciliation, settlement, or understanding between them.
  • involves individuals in the process
  • deals with facts and issues
  • based on fairness
  • less expensive than litigation
  • fastest way to settle most disputes
  • confidential and off-the-record
A mediator will not impose their own judgment on the issues or tell the parties how the dispute should be resolved. At the mediation session both parties have an opportunity to explain and discuss their sides of the dispute. If the parties cannot reach an agreement they still have the option of using any available legal remedy.

SoCal DRC (Dispute Resolution Center) offers dispute resolution and dispute mediation in Los Angeles. Conflict resolution mediation is helpful anytime you have a problem possibly requiring litigation.

The dispute resolution services we provide in Los Angeles include business mediation, divorce mediation, employment dispute mediation, workplace dispute resolution, family dispute mediation, community dispute resolution, corporate dispute resolution and private dispute resolution.

SoCal DRC can provide you a certified mediator in Los Angeles to give you a free consultation regarding a dispute resolution mediation. Disputes mediation will take place in a convenient center for dispute resolution in Los Angeles. Dispute mediation has evolved through years and can be often referred to as dispute resolution arbitration, conflict dispute resolution, mediation litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

The Los Angeles dispute resolution service you choose should come from guaranteed dispute resolution methods offered by a dispute mediator who is a dispute resolution professional, a dispute resolution specialist and has dispute resolution certification.

Conflict and dispute resolution in Los Angeles starts with asking questions about the dispute resolution processes and methods of dispute resolution so that you know how to begin. SoCal DRC Los Angeles dispute mediation services can help you settle your dispute, saving a lot of time and money by avoiding litigation.

  M E D I A T I O N   G U I D E                   

(1) History of mediation
(2) Mediation and conciliation
(3) Why choose mediation?
(4) Early neutral evaluation
(5) Mediator education & training
(6) Providing an introduction
(7) Mediator codes of conduct
(8) Uses of mediation
(9) Philosophy of mediation
      9.1 Uses of mediation in preventing conflicts
      9.2 Responsibilities regarding confidentiality
      9.3 Legal implications of agreements
(10) Common aspects of mediation
(11) Mediation in business and commerce
(12) Mediation and litigation
(13) Community mediation
(14) Competence of the mediator
(15) When to use mediation
      15.1 Factors relating to the parties
(16) Preparing for mediation
(17) Mediation as a method of dispute resolution
      17.1 Safety, fairness & closure
(18) Post-mediation activities
      18.1 Ratification and review
      18.2 Official sanctions
      18.3 Referrals and reporting obligations
      18.4 Mediator debriefing
(19) Mediator roles and functions
      19.1 Creating favorable conditions
      19.2 Assist parties to communicate
      19.3 Facilitating the parties negotiations
(20) Functions of the parties
      20.1 Preparation
      20.2 Disclosure of information
      20.3 Party participation
(21) Choice of mediator
(22) Values of mediation
      22.1 Dispute resolution values
      22.2 Mediation with arbitration
(23) Mediator liability
      23.1 Mediators liability
      23.2 Mediation in the United States
      23.3 Without prejudice privilege
(24) Mediation in politics and in diplomacy
      24.1 Politics of mediation
      24.2 Non-violent dispute resolution methods
(25) Mediation and industrial relations
(26) Mediation and the workplace
(27) Conflict management
      27.1 Measuring mediation effectiveness
(28) Confidentiality and mediation

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